Decor: Organize with hooks

Brittany Kress, Columbus Alive

If spring cleaning didn't quite do the trick this year, mixing things up a bit might be just what you need - and hanging stuff can be just the way to do that. Here are some pretty and functional ways to turn your organizing upside down.

Spoon hooks, $32 (for five)

Give these reclaimed spoons a new life in your kitchen (or elsewhere) as hooks for towels, mugs … just about anything. Made in Columbus by artisan David Gobeli, they'd be the perfect gift, particularly for someone who loves coffee or tea. Our favorite part: the way they match, but don't really.

Bird hook, $13

The Container Store

Of all the hooks out there, this one wins the cute award. And who wouldn't want to put everything in its place when this little guy does the heavy lifting? Not only can you drape something - a purse or scarf, for example - over his body, the hook holds envelopes, and the bottom is magnetized to hold keys.

Earring frame, $21

The definition of pretty and functional. No matter how you arrange hook earrings through the lace, they'll look like art. Plus, it comes with a stand if you'd rather prop it up. Columbus Etsy seller Davy Rigsby has a variety of other display pieces up her sleeve in her shop, The Davy Boat.

Metal coat rack, $225

Grandview Mercantile, Short North

The instant you get a coat rack, you'll wonder why it didn't happen sooner. Jackets, sweaters, raincoats, umbrellas - all blissfully lifted off the floor and kept from clustering on the backs of chairs! Plus, a coat rack just looks sharp. This mid-century-modern office version from Grandview Mercantile even has shelf space and holds umbrellas, too.

Indoor/outdoor bird hook, $24

Old World New Home, Short North

Just about anything looks graceful when hanging from this. Owners Carlene and Betsy Crist especially love it with a small lamp, lantern or chandelier hanging underneath. It'll also stand out outdoors this summer, where it could hold a hanging planter.