Fashion: What are you wearing? Maurina Lee Brooks

Jackie Mantey, Columbus Alive

Lipstick: MAC Fusion Pink

Nail color: Passion Fruit by Orly

Shoes: From White House Black Market. "These are my favorite wedges. They're comfortable but stylish."

Ankle bracelet: "I go to Jamaica with my family about once a year. I try to get a new anklet each year I go. I like the opalescence contrasted with the black."

Shorts: From a thrift store. "My mom bought these for me. She's sometimes my personal shopper. … I was homeschooled, so I really had to develop my own personal style and was able to look at who I wanted to model myself after without any pressures from school or peers."

Tank top: From Delia's. "I love their graphic tees. Whatever emotion I'm feeling, I can buy a T-shirt and express it. 'Chillax' was a buy one, get one deal. The one I bought with it says 'Take me to the beach.'"

Purse: By Coach. "This is a going-away present from my friends for an upcoming trip to Spain. I love the color. It's another statement piece."

Eye makeup: L'Oreal High Intensity Pigment and MAC turquoise liquid liner

Earrings: By Lucky Brand

Cartilagestud: By Lucky Brand

Charm bracelets: Gifts from her parents with charms for her graduation and important birthdays. "It's important for me to remember my milestones. It reminds me how much my parents care."

Clear ring: "I took this from my mom when she wasn't looking. It's from the 1970s. She wore it in college."

Rainbow ring: From Francesca's Collections. "I can be found in that store anytime buying accessories."

Necklace: "My dad gave me this on my 12th birthday. It's my birthstone, garnet, with a diamond. I wear it every single day."

Hair: "My hair is my favorite accessory. I change it every few months, but people know me by my hair. 'Where's that tall girl with the Afro?' This is my rocker, edgy look."

Photos by Tessa Berg

Maurina Lee Brooks

Age: 19

Hometown: Downtown

Neighborhood: Downtown

Job: Senior at Ohio State University, dental assistant for Dr. Susan K. Wilson

Describe your style: "Vintage bohemian chic"