Décor: Foolproof patio party

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

There are trendy patio furnishings and accessories, and then there are trendy patio pieces that will last. Did your card-table chairs or wine glasses bite the dust at your last shindig? Here are suggestions for items that will survive the next celebration.

Acrylic wine glasses, $3-$4 each

Crate & Barrel, Easton Town Center

With the glass-like looks of these acrylic beverage holders, we’re half tempted to replace our indoor glasses, too. Short of that, though, these are a summer party must-have. The stemless shape also can be used for mixed drinks.

Bright ikat ottoman, $40 (sale)

World Market, multiple locations

How fun would a couple of these be scattered all over your outdoor space? Cheaper, easier to move and even more indestructible than your average patio furniture, they also wipe clean after party fouls.

Drink dispenser, $30

World Market, multiple locations

Glass drink dispensers with glass lids and glass pedestals sure do look pretty, but they don’t stand a chance in even a mildly happening patio party. Instead, go for the retro look with sharp stripes around a metal tank.

Serving bowl, $15

Target, multiple locations

There’s no such thing as too many serving dishes, but this one seems destined to become a favorite. It’s pretty, perfect for just about anything and won’t shatter if it hits the ground — but if it does, at least it won’t make as much of a mess, right?

Galvanized drink tub, $20

Target, multiple locations

Want to keep thirsty guests from turning the fridge into a disorganized mess? Keep the beers in this sturdy tub instead. Tubs like this one also make great housewarming or hostess gifts — for that, skip the colorful options and give a goes-with-anything brushed metal.

[Photo 1 = ottoman, 2 = wine glasses, 3 = galvanized drink tub, 4 = photo to ignore, 5 = serving bowl, 6 = drink dispenser]