Objects of Desire: iPhone cases

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The iPhone 5 has arrived. You know what that means: Time to buy the iPhone 4.

One advantage the iPhone 4 has over the newer version — other than a lower price tag — is the multitude of ways to dress up the thing.

No doubt little tech-savvy elves are crafting clever iPhone 5 cases as we sleep, but it will take a while for the stash to compare to the iPhone 4’s deep bench of awesome covers — from ones that look like rotary phones to steampunk-style cases, working Etch A Sketch covers to ones that portray Steve Jobs trapped in carbonite a la Han Solo (check out pinterest.com/julyetbautista/cool-iphone-cases for more examples).

I own an Android. Droid owners do not have the pleasure of shopping for a unique case in places other than a phone store because the many different versions of the phone do not have a uniform case size and shape. But we do get that robot voice ringtone. “DROID.”

Alas, I am left to envy all the ways you can shiny up your Apple, you super on-top-of-things trendy kid, you. A couple options include the steel-reinforced wooden case designed by sustainability focused line Vers ($40, Wexner Center store); the Magna Doodle case that is like a mini-version of the popular draw-and-erase toy ($28, Tigertree, shoptigertree.com); and the shelves of tongue-in-cheek, one-dimensional designs, like the Ouija board cover (Thread on Grandview).

If you require substance ahead of style, try Otter Box (otterbox.com), a tech accessory manufacturer whose signature product is a series of cases that are like the cockroaches of iPhone cases — they, and the phones they protect, can survive most anything.

Now, read this entire column again but this time in Droid robot voice. Science is fun!

Photo by Tim Johnson

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