Staff Pick: Heatwave Prom at Ace of Cups

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Ah, prom season! Dancing! Formalwear! Awkward sexual encounters! We thought our prom days were behind us, but this month’s Heatwave has us breaking out with excitement (and facial blemishes). And it promises at least two of the above.

Once a month, Heatwave transforms Ace of Cups into a sweaty vinyl-only retro dance party. This month’s theme? Prom. But wait, it gets better. Space prom. Yep. “Satellite of Love,” in fact.

In addition to the usual spins of Motown, garage rock and other oldies, formal attire/spacesuits are “welcome but not required.” (Heatwave is pretty laid-back; it’s great if you embrace the theme, but they just want everyone to have fun and dance their faces off.)

And, yes, there will be prom photos! Buy a corsage and treat this as a do-over for your own prom, but show up early. There’s usually a line to get in.

Ace of Cups

9 p.m. Saturday, May 5

2619 N. High St., North Campus