Things We Love: Paul Bearer's art

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Raconteur, tastemaker, “Jew gimp visionary”: these are music promoter and provocateur extraordinaire Paul Bearer’s favorite descriptions of himself. I’d like to add artist to that crowded list. Witness “Clown Bird,” a typically unsettling Bearer work I recently purchased at Spring Flea. This creepy little figurine with the Gacy-esque head of a clown and body of a turkey-like bird is surely the work of a grinning madman ceremoniously beheading and reheading his creations into being (with the help of some not-exactly-hidden glue). Celebrate the birthday of this visionary artist Friday night at Ace of Cups. He’ll be toasted in fine rock style by Ricky Rat (of Detroit glamsters Trash Brats), Dogrocket, and Max Garland and the Generals of the Underground.