Gadgets: Bikini powers your phone at the beach

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Ladies, imagine this scenario: You're vacationing on the beach. Your smartphone or music player is low on power, but you've got at least another hour of sunbathing to go. What's a gal to do?

With Andrew Schneider's Solar Bikini (price and release date TBD), you could simply reach down to the waistband of your bikini bottom, grab the detachable USB port and plug in the device to power up. This idea has been circulating around the Web for a while. The product, once it finally hits the market, will be fashioned from about 40 wispy-thin, 1-inch by 4-inch photovoltaic cells stitched together with conductive thread.

The inventor claims he'll have solar-type clothing for men, as well. His iDrink board shorts will be able to power a custom koozie capable of cooling a can of beer.

The electrical output of these clothes is said to be similar to that of a USB port on a computer. Wearers will be able to take a dip in the water in these products. However, it seems wise to follow a version of that old adage and wait an hour after swimming before you plug in your devices.

Want to have the coolest skateboard on the block this summer? Check out the Illuminated Flexible Skateboard ($230, Red LEDs - 46 of them - light up the underside of the board. From a distance, the rider almost appears to be floating in air. The deck is made of durable, clear polycarbonate that absorbs vibrations and makes your ride over sidewalks as smooth as possible. The clear board allows riders to see the pavement whizzing by under the feet. The product's lights are powered by two nine-volt rechargeable batteries or can be charged by an AC adapter.

This may not be the cheapest skateboard out there, but it does have a flair that is hard to match.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if a breath spray could make life's trouble disappear with just a spritz? If bad breath can be banished in that manner, why not other nagging problems?

The Perpetual Kid website ( claims to have the products that can improve your life with just a single spray. For just $5, they offer an Enjoy Your Job Spray. This product is said to work on the frontal lobe of your brain. In reality, it's .25 fluid ounce of a peppermint spray that's more wishful thinking than anything else.

Other problem-solving sprays, also $5, include Understand Your Mother Breath Spray (peppermint flavor), Instant Really Positive Energy Breath Spray (peppermint) and Instant Irish Accent Breath Spray (spearmint; sheep sold separately).