Daily Distraction: Go look for the missing red panda

Joel Oliphint
Kora, a 2-year-old red panda, was discovered to be missing from the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium on Wednesday, July 22.

Update: They found her!

Often these Daily Distraction posts point you to new songs or videos or videos of songs (sometimes known in the biz as "music videos"). They're supposed to distract you from the sometimes-crushing weight of a world in which there's still no sign of a real hoverboard (wheels don't count).

But today, this Daily Distraction is a call to action. A mission.

A red panda, one of the cutest animals in existence, is missing from the Columbus Zoo. Kora, a 2-year-old female, went missing from her habitat Wednesday morning. According to the zoo, "Her care team members took shifts overnight to watch for her, and the search resumed this morning with the help of other Zoo team members."

So, if you need a break from your day-to-day, go look for Kora. She has two cubs that need her. 

This urgency has nothing to do with the fact that one of my family members works at the zoo. (Hint: It's not my son. Double hint: It's not my daughter. Triple hint: Now you're getting greedy.) I would love this red panda even if I never saw it in person. I mean, just look at that photo up there.

So, Alive readers in the Dublin/Powell area, it's your time to shine. Look to the trees, and if you see an adorable, ruddy-colored animal with a striped tail, call the zoo's Security Dispatch number immediately: 614-582-1844. According to the zoo, "It is best to not approach her, as they are naturally shy and we don’t want to frighten her."